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​LGBTQI+ health: when will equality be achieved?

​During this pride march, we affirm and demand the right to health for all.
To put an end to discrimination and inequalities in this sector, we demand:


Stopping and penalizing genital mutilation and abusive hormonal treatments in childhood, adolescence and adulthood for intersex people

The inclusion of trans people in the marketing authorizations for treatments that concern them, which can today be withdrawn at any time, such as Vivellledot estrogen patches removed in 2021

Effective access to PMA, with human and financial resources for CECOS (Centres for the study and conservation of human eggs and sperm), massive campaigns so that the matching is as less discriminatory, full reimbursement, its access for trans and intersex people and authorization of the ROPA method, refused by Parliament in 2021

The right to reparation for intersex and trans people who have been forcibly mutilated and sterilized

Training of doctors and health personnel on welcoming and supporting LGBTI audiences, and the inclusion of these subjects in their courses and study programs

Full reimbursement of all transition courses in all their aspects

The right to choice of treatments as well as access to all available hormonal treatments (including testosterone patches and gels and estrogen injections)

Stopping the pathologization and psychiatrization of LGBTI people, in particular trans people, which must involve the suppression of the FPATH (formerly SoFECT, an official self-proclaimed psychiatric institution)

The possibility of retaining and using gametes or retaining existing samples after procedures for changing civil status

Simplification of changing the first name and social security number on vital cards and CPAM services

Full access to medical records for intersex people

Guaranteeing the right to abortion, through the removal of the “conscience clause”, the extension of access times and the fight against medical deserts

Inclusion of all in PrEP studies, particularly migrants, and promoting access

The systematic reception and protection of asylum seekers in danger in their countries due to their sexual orientation or gender identity

Ease of access to State Medical Aid (AME) for migrants, particularly in the area of sexual health

The proper application of the ban on conversion therapy

Access to methods of protection and contraception such as dental dams and internal condoms at affordable prices in the majority of points of sale and reimbursement for all methods of contraception whatever they may be.

Information during compulsory sex education classes in schools on different means of contraception other than the pill and on consent, including all sexualities

Implementation of national and local awareness and information campaigns as well as better training of professionals for more appropriate support for people who practice Chemsex

Provide visibility and support adapted to disabled and/or neuroatypical LGBTI+ people.

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