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- We demand access to PMA for trans people.

- We demand an end to psychophobia during the assisted reproduction or adoption journey.

→ We ask for an end to the obligation of psychological appointments during the assisted reproduction process which can be moralistic. - We request access/facilitation of access to PMA for people whose BMI is greater than 35.

- We request authorization of the ROPA method for female couples.

- We are asking for a better gamete donation campaign for better matching (in this case, there is a lack of racialized donors).


Adoption :

- We demand the facilitation of adoption for homosexual couples.



- We continue to demand an end to mutilation of intersex people, some of which can lead to sterility.

- We demand a strengthening of the laws regarding evictions from the homes of parents of their LGBTI+ children.


Reproductive rights:

- We request the generalization of the single mother as parent 1 in the family record book.

- We demand the right to medical sterilization for young women and other people with vulvas who do not want to have children.

- We ask for the possible use of gametes for people even after their administrative transition, because they belong to them.


Social services :

- We are calling for reinforcement or emergency accommodation for young LGBTI+ people in all departments.

- We call for ambitious policies to enable the development of PMA services and thus make PMA for all a reality.



- We are calling for a much more ambitious prevention policy on LGBTIphobia within the family.

- We support the complaint Case of School of Family Planning, SOS Homophobia and Sidaction for the respect of sex education hours from primary school.

- We ask for awareness or training for those involved in supporting LGBTI+ children (care centers, ESAT, teachers, educators, etc.)

- We remind you that clothing styles do not define people's sexual orientation or gender identity.

- We do not accept regulations imposing dress codes based on the assumed gender of people.


Sexual health:

- We call for the expansion of STI prevention and screening campaigns to all audiences.

- We demand an end to gynecological violence.


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