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​Find here a whole range of information on sexual health, a theme that concerns everyone, heterosexual as well as homosexual relationships!

​Sexual health

Click here to have access to different informational brochures on sexual health!

The Prep ?

​Click here to find all the information on Prep, an HIV prevention tool open to everyone!

​Screen me

​Want to get tested? Click here to find the structures that can screen in Touraine!

Questions pro

​Find information in this section through a specially created video and brochure!

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Sexual health: inclusive brochures!

​For a long time, sexual health was only a subject reserved for heterosexual relationships and relationships between people with a penis (called in a non-inclusive manner HsH or man on man).

Fortunately, things are changing and more and more brochures made by and for affected people have been created, written and nominated! Find them here!


​Created by the LGBTI+ federation, this brochure aims to fill a lack of information regarding healthy and fulfilling sexuality for trans people.

To view it, go to their website:

​SOS Homophobia wanted to create a brochure discussing in an inclusive manner the sexual health of lesbian people and people with vulvas.

To view it, go to their website:


​Documentation produced by Santé Publique France for the so-called HsH (man on man) public. We talk in particular about screening, protection and  PreP!

To view it, go to their website:

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Sexual health: inclusive brochures!

​PrEP: pre-exposure prophylaxis is a prevention strategy that allows an HIV-negative person exposed to HIV to protect themselves by taking antiretroviral treatment in order to avoid becoming infected

PrEP is primarily aimed at people with a higher risk of acquiring HIV:

Men who have sex with men (MSM)

Transgender people

Sex workers

Migrant people

Drug users

In France, two treatment modalities are recommended: continuous treatment and “on-demand” treatment.

Prep must be prescribed by a doctor. This may be your GP or gynecologist. You can also make an appointment for a specialized Prep consultation at the hospital, in a screening center (Cegidd) or in a sexual health center

The treatment is entirely covered by Social Security, so no advance payment can be requested. On the other hand, there may be an additional charge for medical consultations as well as biological examinations. If you do not have mutual insurance, choose Cegidd which are, by definition, free.

​I want to get tested

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Are you looking for a testing address for HIV, STIs or even hepatitis?


In France, it is possible to do a screening test:

In a CEGIDD (Free Information, Screening and Diagnostic Center),

In a medical analysis laboratory (with or without a prescription depending on the laboratory)

In association premises (AIDES) or mobile devices authorized with a TROD (rapid diagnostic orientation test)

At the location of your choice with an HIV self-test.


INFO: Direct access to HIV testing in medical biology laboratories, without a prescription, at the patient's request, without an appointment and without advance payment has been effective since January 1, 2022.

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​Information for healthcare professionals

​Despite the efforts of certain practitioners and the beginnings of awareness, welcoming and supporting LGBTI+ people in their health still remains a subject of inequalities.

Whether due to lack of training, information or malicious acts or even violence, LGBTI+ people still face a lack of equality in reception and support.

The Touraine LGBTI Center can discuss with you, meet you occasionally and also offer awareness sessions about welcoming and supporting LGBTI+ people. We then create a tailor-made intervention for you using tools and leaving room for discussion!

For more information, send an email to

In the meantime, we invite you to watch this video and read the associated brochure by clicking here!

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