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In order to advance equal rights and fight against discrimination, the Centre LGBTI de Touraine campaigns with public authorities. Our objective is simple, to inform and raise awareness among political and media actors about situations of discrimination, violence, or inequality against LGBTI people.

In this sense, the Centre LGBTI de Touraine has taken a clear position on various themes: Medically Assisted Reproduction, blood donation and even the deportation of homosexual people during the Second World War.

​The association campaigns around different main themes:

  • Positioning in favor of the opening of Medically Assisted Reproduction for all

  • Request for free and open access to change of civil status for transgender people

  • Demand to put an end to mutilating operations on children born intersex

  • Better financial and human investment by the State in the fight against discrimination, particularly in schools

  • Real visibility given to our identities, experiences and problems but also to our joys, families and successes

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