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​The Centre LGBTI de Touraine works in middle schools, high schools and universities in Indre-et-Loire to fight against discrimination, and in particular against that concerning gender identities, sexual orientations and romantic orientations.

For each of our interventions, we implement a tailor-made framework based on each person's exchanges. To facilitate them, we use numerous tools such as short films, role-playing workshops, texts opening discussions on sexist stereotypes and other tools.


We adapt to the group (level, age...) but also to requests if there is a wish to talk about specific subjects!

Taking action in schools is essential to combat discrimination. Today, the suicide rate of young LGBTI people is 5 times higher (report from the National Health Monitoring Institute) than the rest of the population, which is a consequence of the discrimination they experience. It also means fighting and preventing school bullying!


The Centre LGBTI devTouraine holds:

- approval of educational associations complementary to public education, awarded by the Orléans-Tours Academy of National Education.

- the “Youth and popular education” approval awarded by the Departmental Directorate of Youth and Sport.


​Are you interested in involving us in your establishment or would you like more information on our frameworks?


Send us an email to


​Following strong demand from professionals, the Centre LGBTI de Touraine is launching training sessions on the themes of LGBTI+ people in 2019. This training is mainly intended for professionals in the social and/or medico-social sector, but it can be adapted to all sectors.

The volunteers will raise participants' awareness of LGBTI+ themes, explain the problems encountered by these people, as well as the resources that can be mobilized by professionals.

We have already had the joy of working with the faculty of medicine, within hospital services or even with educational staff in Bourges!

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